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The Business

The location of Diegner & Schade is Dorsten, a medium-sized industrial city on the edge of the Ruhr area - the largest integrated economic region in Europe. This is where Diegner & Schade was founded 75 years ago.

Beyond borders

Since then the company has been building electric motors, bell driving motor, church clocks and edificial clocks, and in the course of history introduced the outstanding name Diegner & Schade beyond regional borders.

Research and Development

With continuous research and development of new ideas and the adoption of latest technologies precision machines are emerging in our factory, gaining international recognition due to a high reliability even when operating under extreme conditions.

Quality, Precision and Innovation

Constant quality monitoring, latest manufacturing methods and the use of modern machine tools assure our leading position in international comparison. It is the concurrence of quality, precision and innovation that guarantees the superiority of Diegner & Schade products.

In the long run only the best will last."